John Oliver
San Diego, CA

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Summary of Qualifications: Ten plus years of experience in the IT industry, progressing from help desk to senior support and systems administration roles involving dozens of hosts and thousands of users. Excellent communication and people skills and very customer service oriented. Very strong with Red Hat-ish Linux and TCP/IP networking. Familiar and comfortable with Mac OS X, VMware, Solaris, Windows, Cisco IOS on Layer 2 switches, and smaller routers.


SAIC ( 07/12 to Present )
Sr. Systems Administrator - San Diego CA

Remote automated management, maintenance, and patching for Apple OS X 10.7 through 10.10, CentOS 6 and various Debian Linux systems. Maintain security posture according to DoD / Navy / SPAWAR policies. Proactively monitor systems for potential vulnerabilities and respond to reported findings. Write scripts to automate hardening to STIGs, creating STIG checklists, implementing various IA policies. Work with 'pf' firewall rulesets, DoD PKI. Frequent contributor to internal and external working groups. Technical lead and mentor for junior personnel.

Virginia Network Services ( 01/12 to 05/12 )
Linux Systems Engineer - Chantilly VA

Provided a variety of engineering services to customer, including scripted kickstart deployments, yum repositories, customized iptables rulesets, and syslog server. Serve as last-resort contact for critical outages on production systems running Apache web and application servers running Red Hat 3 & 5, both physical and virtualized under VMware ESX.

FGM, Inc. ( 10/10 to 01/12 )
Network Engineer - Chantilly VA

Packaged Windows applications for unattended installs for deployment via SCCM, AppV application virtualization, Windows batch files, Active Directory Group Policy Objects, testing, documentation of procedures, and engineered back-out solutions for each delivery. Worked with project managers, security, requirements, deployment team, and end user to deliver the right solution on time. Performed security reviews on Red Hat 5 with DISA SRRs.

FGM, Inc. ( 12/08 to 09/10 )
Linux Systems Engineer / Administrator - San Diego, CA

Administered 15 Dell PowerEdge 2950 servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, Windows 2003 Server, and VMware ESXi 4. Started position with no input or guidance... the lab had been abandoned with no documentation. Recovered administrative access, mapped services, addressed legacy applications running under Windows while rebuilding Linux-centric infrastructure. Kept hosts patched and secured to DoD / SPAWAR requirements, including SELinux in enforcing mode. Built Kickstart-based script to automate installation of new hosts. Administered / troubleshot MySQL backends and some Java code. Started virtualizing new hosts to minimize charges for new physical hosts and conserve data center resources.

Infracore, LLC. ( 03/08 to 12/08 )
IT Specialist - San Diego, CA

Administered 50 Dell PowerEdge and IBM x-Series servers running Red Hat Linux, 20 Sun servers (v100, v240, and T2000) running Solaris 9 and 10, and 20 Cisco 2960 switches in a lab environment supporting the development of IPTV conditional access software. Worked with streaming video and multicast network traffic. Implemented kickstart and jumpstart servers as well as an OpenLDAP server for user authentication. Monitored network with nagios and cacti.

Systran Software, Inc. ( 09/06 to 03/08 )
Linux Systems Administrator - San Diego, CA

Administered 30 Dell PowerEdge servers (x6xx through x9xx) running Red Hat Enterprise Linux, as well as several Dell managed switches, Cisco 28XX routers, and Cisco PIX / ASA firewalls. Deployed VMware Server to greatly increase server utilization and decrease hardware requirements. Migrated legacy services to virtual machines. Built new colocation environment and migrated web services from old facility. Monitored network with cacti. Implemented squid proxy server. Assisted users with Linux, networking, and Windows issues.

Bedinger Group, Inc. ( 10/00 to 10/07 )

Grew network from one Windows NT 4.0 Server to several Windows 2000/2003 Servers and Red Hat Linux servers providing IIS/ASP/Cold Fusion web hosting, DNS, and email. Managed SonicWall PRO 200 firewall.

Impact Engine, Inc. ( 04/06 to 07/06 )
Systems Administrator

Administered twelve HP Proliant servers (DL360 and DL380) running CentOS Linux with Systems Insight Manager. Built clustered content server based on LVS and IPVS to handle projected web server load of several million hits per day and stringent uptime requirements. Managed several Cisco 29XX switches.

Amarx Search, Inc. ( 02/04 to 07/05 )
Production Technologist

Mastered CDs of documentation and microcode for Hitachi enterprise storage arrays. Tested software and microcode under Windows, Red Hat Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX.